Clear Blue Sky


This first scenario sees the mind in its naturally omnipotent state.

Here the sky is crystal clear. We are at one with the world. There is the absence of thought as there is even an absence of the sense of self. This could be the sky of a Buddhist monk who may be deeply in tune in this space where the only ripple of thought is seen as absolute stillness.

When the thinking part of the mind is still, an unprecedented opportunity is created to draw into it's presence the most auspicious of all thought to prepare and repair one's psyche to achieve it self's potential.

As unborn and innocent babies we experience this state of mind with little knowledge of the trials and tribulations of life other than picked up innately from our mother's emotions. The only other time we share this experience with the psyche is in the moments of no thought serene sleep and meditation. It is where we have been in those moments when we appear to have lost awareness of ourselves or time for a moment - for we were one with what was going on.