The Game of Live your Mind Sky

What does this game invite you to do?

The purpose of the game is to show you how you can improve your lifestyle, in a variety of different ways that will maximise your potential and benefit your health too.

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How do I do this?

By playing the game you will be able to look at all the things you want in your life and remove anything that you don't want.

How do I play the game?

Playing the game is very simple. You will see four skies each with varying amounts of blue sky and clouds ranging from white and fluffy to extremely stormy and the character Humpty Dumpty. Look at the key words and phrases in each of the skies and make a list of the ones that appear to be generally relevant to how things are in your life. Compare words and phrases to what you feel is going on in your life. The more comparisons you recognise existing simultaneously in your life and in a particular sky, will indicate that this is the sky for you to be in. This will be your starting point in the game. Whichever sky you play in, you will take on the character of Humpty Dumpty. You move the Humpty Dumpty cursor and place it on any point in your sky. You will be taken to a variety of words and phrases that describe where you are in the sky and how this relates to what is going on inside of your head.

It is beneficial to make a list of all the words and phrases that you feel relate to you. Until the website is developed further, you will need to make your own list on paper or make one to keep on your computer. You will be able to do this at a later date within the Life without Labels website and in the future as a member, you will be able to learn how to create your own walls. The ideology behind making an applicable list of words and phrases and by populating your wall is that you choose the words that best describe what is going on in your life. Then it is up to you which words you wish to keep or delete from your list.

Every time you create a list and add or take away a word, your brain is reacting to what you are doing and saving it in the appropriate part of the mind. The mind stores both positive and negative words where they can be accessed when required. If you delete any of the words it will be like putting them into a recycle bin. The words are not completely deleted unless you choose to do this, but they have been taken away from either the other positive or negative groups of words. Once this is done there will be less clutter and more clarity to focus on what you want. The more focus you have in your life, the more you are moving in the direction of the sky you prefer to remain in.

What if I am not too sure which words or phrases relate to what is going on in my real life?

If you spend most of your time being happy but you also have negative thoughts such as, anger, disappointment, frustration or sadness, you will start the game in Troubled Mind Sky. If your life is very balanced, you don't have too many disruptive feelings and you are more in control of your emotions, you start in Flowing Mind Sky and aim for Peaceful Mind Sky. Although it would be better for you to make a list of comparisons, you can join the game without doing so.

If you have very serious concerns about where your life is going or everything you do appears to be fraught with frustration and anxieties or your find yourself very fatigued or depressed, then start in Dangerous Mind Sky.

What do I do if I am confused where to start?

The fact that you are confused means the conscious part of your brain is not working as efficiently as possible, therefore the best place to start is Troubled Mind Sky. Only start in Dangerous Mind Sky if you feel your life is a panic and you are afraid of your actions. Do not start in Flowing Mind or Peaceful Mind Skies. In either of these two skies you will have to be in a very relaxed frame of mind in your environment and starting here will give you no benefit.

What happens if I start in Troubled Mind Sky and I find myself in Dangerous Mind Sky?

Don't be afraid of starting off in Troubled Mind Sky and then later on finding out that what is happening in your life relates more to Dangerous Mind Sky. There is no reason for you to be afraid. The point of the game is to be mindful of what is happening in your life and being able to be in any of the skies without being afraid.

There is absolutely no benefit playing the game if you are not completely honest with yourself, or of starting in a sky that does not truly represent what is happening in your life such as Troubled Mind Sky, because you thought it would enable you to take a short cut to a more cloudless sky. Trusting yourself is a very important point and if you are unable to be honest with yourself then it might be a good time to consider why that is. However, if it is the case that you cannot trust yourself to play the game by the rules then it might be a better idea for you to start in Dangerous Mind Sky. Please don't be afraid of starting here because there is nothing here at Life Without Labels that wishes to bring harm into your life. It may require a little courage starting in this sky but if you connect with the descriptions of Dangerous Mind Sky and you start there, you are being completely open and honest with yourself. You would have already begun playing the game, even though you are not physically in it, because by admitting all your traits, emotions and the feelings you are afraid of, is the first step in conquering all your fears.

I do suffer with invasive thoughts from time to time but on the whole my mind appears to be at peace with itself?

The game works by you being honest with yourself and the more you can accept this the more it will benefit you. If for any reason the invasive thoughts you are experiencing cause you concern, then it is best to start in Troubled Mind Sky. On the other hand if you are aware of negative thoughts but they don't appear to be bothering you, or you are just allowing them to flow by in your sky, then you will be ready to start in Flowing Mind Sky.

It really boils down to which sky you feel comfortable in. Either you are going to believe your present lifestyle belongs in a sky with more blue and fewer grey clouds or a sky swarming with grey clouds and less blue in your sky.

How do I recognise when I am making progress in the game?

The more time you can give to being in the game, the more Invitations you will give yourself to remove the negativity in your life and replace it with positive thoughts. Once you are able to make any improvement, you should be able to feel it.

It might be that your head feels a lot fresher or you have less clutter inside of you and more clarity. On the other hand you might find that people are noticing little things about you that makes them feel more comfortable being in your presence or you in theirs. You may also find you are less fearful of your fears or even that some of your fears are no longer present. (Link to Lost in Translation).

What are the rules to playing the game?

Since the game is about you, you are the one who makes up the rules. Your gains and your prize may be dependent upon your ability to trust yourself. Therefore the only rule that really applies is your ability to be honest and to trust yourself. If you choose to 'lie' or make up rules that you cannot justify then you may not reap any benefit. Something to consider is, if you 'lie', how will your conscience feel?

Do you receive a prize for playing the game?

There is not a physical prize in the usual sense of word. The Game of Playing your Sky doesn't really have either a beginning or an end. It all depends on where you are in your life and its relationship with your lifestyle and immediate environment when you enter the game.

However there is a reward for you. The reward is in knowing that you have reached the stage of feeling far better about yourself, whether it be better physical health and more clarity in your mind, or just the ability to think more clearly.

What is the point of spending many hours or days playing the game if there is no real prize?

If you are reading the FAQ's and you have never played the game before, I can understand why you are thinking this way. The point of the game is to give you an opportunity to create the best lifestyle that you could possibly want in your life; the closer you come to achieving this, the better you will feel in body, mind and spirit.

I have read the FAQ's and I really don't understand how to play the game. What do I do?

Because the Game of Playing Your Sky is unlike any other game you have ever played or seen before, just feeling your way around the game will give you benefits. You do this by placing the Humpty Dumpty cursor at any point in any of the skies. For example, when you place the cursor over a word in Dangerous Mind Sky a short phrase will be highlighted. If you further click over the phrase it will take you to an explanation.

Whether you can take in what you are seeing at any given moment is irrelevant, because your brain is absorbing everything through your eyes. Because you don't understand now, it doesn't necessarily mean you won't understand in the future and just by trial and error and feeling your way around the skies, you may unexpectedly see the game benefiting you. Another way of understanding this concept is being aware that our eyes are the vehicle of all visual thought.

Try to imagine you are standing on the roof of the tallest building in your area and you turn you body round 360 degrees. You may only be conscious of thinking about certain things that you can see within the circumference of your turn. This is because the conscious part of the brain is limited in the amount of experiences that are remembered or felt. Maybe you noticed a far off hill, people below in the street, someone waving from a window, a bus, a truck, and the clouds in the sky. However much you are consciously aware of, your brain on the other hand would have taken in far more information. Think about all the in-between spaces of what you saw. You didn't notice the plane high in the sky, or the geese flying through the clouds or the traffic jam along the motorway too far off for you to see, or the argument between two car drivers. The brain sees or senses things we don't see. Maybe, now you can understand how much information is actually being stored in your brain. LWL invites you to understand what is going on in your head and live a more stress free life by learning how to de-clutter your mind.

Why are there so many negative words in the game?

That you perceive there to be more negative words than positive words is your perception. The challenge for us is to understand the relationship between positive and negative thought; that neither can exist without the other. By illustrating all words both positive and negative, creates the opportunity for you to remove what you don't want and replace it with what you do want.

Why have you not listed a word I perceive to be positive or negative?

The English language contains almost half a million words. Whether a word is positive or not will be based on your perception of the word, together with the description. Firstly it would not be feasible to include every word, nor would it be possible to guess everyone's perceptions.

Why are there less positive words than negative words in the game?

If you perceive there are less positive words in the game, then this is your perception. The challenge in our life is to comprehend these words. There doesn't have to be negativity around us. Positive thoughts cannot exist alone without negative thoughts. By illustrating both positive and negative words, creates the opportunity for you to remove the words you don't want and replace them with words you do want.