Tourist & Explorer


The tourist does not make plans in life. He takes each day as it comes. What will be will be, but likewise complacency seems to be a central theme, not targeted on purpose but just happens and unsurprisingly with this attitude, often runs headfirst, unguarded into many obstacles. He may often be pick pocketed at ease. Just a little extra awareness would make a big difference. A tourist would welcome the opportunity of filming close up a Lion's Den, without seriously concerning himself too much about the inherent dangers.

The Explorer on the other hand plans his days and weeks ahead. He knows that there maybe days where his exploration takes him into uncharted territory, therefore safeguards and structural organisation are paramount in his life. A Lion's Den is home from home. He would have taken all necessary precautions by having an escape plan to put into operation if the need arose. He rarely leaves without a backup plan.