The Cheetah


Is all about awareness, the Cheetah is motivated by his survival instincts and targets his immediate goals with amazing and graceful accuracy. The Cheetah is far smaller than his big cat cousins and is no match against them; he will even walk away from his kill. Discipline tells him that his survival depends on being injury free. Even though the Cheetah is the fastest animal on the planet 0-68 mph in under 3 seconds, (faster than most super cars) it knows its limitations. But this explosive force comes at the expense of only a minute or so of running time, often having to rest an hour to regain its strength before it can strike again.

Man could learn a tip or two. In business if something fails the first time there is little point in exhausting oneself trying again, without deploying an alternative back up plan or analysing the failure. Be as a Cheetah and always get up to try again another day.