Sleep Health


The adverse effects of a sleep disorder can impact all aspects of mental and physical health. For both our body and mind to be working at an optimum level, it is necessary for all of us to get adequate hours of sleep each night. Those of us who work at night have to achieve this during the day.

Inadequate sleep will set off sleep deprivation, no matter how strong your will power may be. Existing on constant minimal sleep will impact our health and you will find yourself in Troubled Mind Sky. There will be little chance of blue in your sky because constant grey and white cloud formations will smother any white clouds that give your mind the chance of being silent and breathing which is the central essence of sleep. Essentially, sleep is when the brain is best able to focus all of its energy on the healing processes that constantly keep your mind and body in tune. All you have to know is to have a little faith in what is possible and then a good night sleep will come in time.