Rules of the Game


Our Brain is the centre of our universe. It controls our destiny or demise, equal distinction given to either. Our brain acts upon conscious decisions and choices. Yet, given a chance it will calculate precisely the most ambitious calculations that chemistry and physics of our world allows. The brain has a need for us to believe completely in its capabilities as the ultimate thinking machine. We can do this when our intuition is in harmony with our instincts, with trust walking hand in hand and the doing becomes a natural conscious instruction. But alas just when it requires our trust, if it senses us dwelling on whether or not something is possible, the brain will sense this as an intrusion of its thinking process and what we might want will fail. The rules of the game is about trusting the brain in its effortless job to know what it does best without conscious intervention. An example of this can be done before we go to bed. Think about something important but don't dwell on it, sleep well, wake up refreshed but remember what it is you were thinking about the previous night, as soon as you wake up.