Playing with Fire


Guy Fawkes didn't fare too well with fire; neither have many others who thought they could enjoy the fruits of his labour. The same can be said whenever we enter into any relationship.

When we are young we learn to nurture a relationship during the initial steps when learning about our physical self. As we reach into our teens we begin ducking and diving, finding out which relationship might be right for us. We experience for the first time spurned love, jealousy and bonding, followed by more bonding until we find that right person to mate with and to produce a child or two. But unbeknown to us we are each like a dormant volcano because we never thought about understanding the mechanics and chemistry of our mind, let alone the compatibility of our spouses or partners. Then it might be the real dawn of our troubles, obstacles and distractions. Some of us will only learn when the volcano erupts. A few of us will find safer pastures and enjoy the fruits of love that relationships can bring.

It is not just the male species that can be the cause of an ill-fated relationship because he has too much testosterone in addition to the plight of having wandering eyes. Although man's testosterone levels may be partially to blame, much blame if there needs to be a root could be the way our brain is wired by our genes. Yet it could be said that our parents and those who we are closest to, could house part of the blame too. This is because, as we are growing in age and intellect, others may notice things we don't and choose not to alert us of a possible situation. Unfortunately, whatever it is may manifest in ways our partners don't bargain for.

Women too are not exempt from emotional or sexual innuendoes and if they don't like what they see in a relationship, they too can be prone to wandering eyes or just looking for a change. Even a mother is known to forsake her offspring if she finds herself too immersed in unhappiness.

Nor should a break-up in a relationship be blamed on STD's. For an unknown reasons that might be wired into the reason our brains wish to learn about all, one should try not to forget that it is what separates us from the animal that from evolutions point of view we are only here to pro-create. But possibly what evolution was looking for was the perfect being, the one that seeks no change and maybe if we could give a chance that could be us.

Relationships in business can be affected by the same wiring that affects personal relationships, so let this be a warning. Being open to awareness and trust is our best option in any situation in order to maintain a healthy relationship, whether it is with one person or many. Few people ever successfully hide their deception.