It is generally thought that phobias arise from a combination of external events and internal predispositions. Phobias range from the simplest forms of our fears or anxieties to the most invasive fear or anxiety disorder. There are approximately 530 varieties of phobias. Someone afflicted could have a phobia of birds, colours or indoor and outdoor spaces; really virtually anything they can conjure in their minds and make comparisons with, in the real world.

Depending on the severity of the phobia, you will be playing out your life in Troubled Mind Sky or totally immersed in Dangerous Mind Sky. The chances of seeing any form of blue sky again is dependent on the severity of your phobia. Regardless of which sky you are in, mindfulness can bring about a brilliant illusion, in that it can easily take you into the realm of Flowing Mind and Peaceful Mind Skies. You just need to understanding that your mind has been invaded by the most persistent of invasive thoughts. When our minds are being invaded by invasive thoughts, they will do their best to make the recipient as uncomfortable as is possible. A simple solution is always close at hand. Be mindful of silence and stillness around you and you may notice your mind taking a peaceful pause in its life. When this moment occurs accept the beauty in it and then anything is possible.

A few examples of phobias:
Being Ridiculed
Dependence on others
Forgetting or being forgotten
Making decisions
Self, being alone
Self, being dirty
Self, seeing oneself in a mirror
Social phobic or agoraphobia
Fail to prioritise
Self esteem

A more complete list can be found at which has listed 530 different phobias. It is hard to believe but it is probably information overload that has brought all these phobias into play.