My Piranha


When I was a single man I was fascinated by a Nightclub in Battersea, whose glass dance floor was the gigantic roof of an aquarium full of Piranha. Why couldn't the floor crack and bring some excitement into my life. The following day I decided to get a pet Piranha; that was until I noticed it just sat there motionless day in and day out. What a boring life it seemed to lead. Amazingly, as I found out, fish don't bleed even when they have been half eaten and they also stay alive.

The following week it was time for a change, out with the fish and in with the dog. I couldn't have known that I was in for such a golden wonder telepathic treat. It didn't matter, our relationship was so good. Anger to tears there appeared to be no boundaries to the possibilities; she was in tune with all my emotional needs. A dog is more than man's best friend; but if things don't appear to be going our way, the shame for the animals is they often become our emotional punch bag and what pray does that make us?