Mind Blindness


The mind blindness described here is not typical of the symptoms normally described in psychological journals. You have been made aware of doing wrong and you can recognise the doing part, but the why and the remedy are beyond you. Say you are driving your car and you know it is against the law to have a conversation on a handheld mobile phone (the fact you have picked up your phone is illegal). Your phone rings and you are unable to stop yourself from picking up the phone irrespective to the consequences.

This is a good example of invasive thoughts and how these thoughts can manifest themselves. It is as though you are facing a brick wall. You want to reach through the wall to obtain the magic potion that will rescue you from what ever you are facing. Reaching through to the other side of a solid wall is impossible. But you have to find a way, determined and frustrated as you are. Because you cannot get a grip, you feel somewhat helpless and continue with the doing until you find a comfortable solution.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms it's just a case of understanding what invasive thoughts are. A painfully uncomfortable vibration impacts the brain but often dissipates if allowed a little patience within a minute or two. "Yes, I do know how uncomfortable those seconds can be".

Whenever these symptoms appear if you do not understand them you will suddenly find yourself in Dangerous Mind Sky. Cultivating patience can be a wonderful healing virtue all of us should nurture.