Are you afflicted by this addictive affliction where you become dependent on gambling and winning begins to take priority? You see this as your only choice and hope in life until it becomes a compulsion. Your tolerance develops and you find you need to gamble more and more in order to feel any sense of satisfaction. Withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and tremor develop after a short period without a gamble and are reduced by more gambling. You act most of your life in Troubled Mind Sky where your sky is certainly in turmoil. Positive thought has been overpowered by negative thought and the only way to combat this is to take solace in your habit. Don't be afraid, as the fear you fear the most, is all but temporary if you can be a little more tolerant of what your mind is capable of offering you. When you understand the workings of the mind, you can learn that gambling is no answer. You could even learn to take a light hearted view of gambling, whereby you have a flutter and then put your hand in your pocket and keep it there.