Failure in general refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. It may be viewed as the opposite of success. Those who are afflicted by it or scared of its connotations can quite easily become embroiled in it, resulting in them continuously moving their objectives in the direction of failure.

Failure can lead to all sorts of hurdles and obstacles, permanent or temporary, depending upon the severity of the failure. From the brain's point of view it handles failure the same way it does success. From the mind's point of view, failure is likely to always be stored in both the conscious and autonomous part of the mind, because anyone embroiled with failure will continually bring it into their life. From the mind's eye of the afflicted, if they see their failure in terms of a temporary hurdle, their sky will be on the nearside of Troubled Mind Sky. The sky will still display moving white clouds but they will be intertwined with menacing grey clouds. Persons in this scenario know they must be very careful not to move across the crevice that intersects the void between the near and far side. For those who believe their failure is more permanent or seen by others as being thus, it is a different story, as they feel doomed to live out their lives in the scenario of Dangerous Mind Sky. The point is it doesn't matter to the brain which Sky the self has to exist in, because it leaves it up to the mind to make up its mind. However, with this knowledge one should be mindful that as easy it is to slip into Dangerous Mind Sky, it is just as easy to slip out. With a little bit of perseverance, one can begin to understand that failing can be an aid to a successful future and to the joy of finding oneself settled in either Flowing or Peaceful Mind Skies.