Bereavement is a time in our lives when awareness, clarity compassion, mindfulness and stillness walk hand in hand. No loss can be greater than bereaving the loss of someone we loved; someone who was precious to us. During this delicate moment of our lives, we may need to contemplate our immediate surroundings and environment since no one can replace our loss. This may be a good time to think about getting a pet; especially a puppy to whom we could form a unique bone. Dogs are known to be telepathic. This unique ability of theirs can help to take us away from our solitude and torment. However, from the minds eye point of view it would be good for us to be reminded that no matter how great our loss, we shouldn't take it upon ourselves to carry this pain of ours forever, as many do.

Only the other day my daughter said to me as we were driving in the car, "Daddy, do you have a pen? I would like to write Mum a letter". It has been almost four years, since that dreadful day. I prefer music therapy to ease my grief and that is why LWL's introduction is Beethoven's Seventh Symphony, 2nd Movement. It was whilst watching the movie, 'The Fall', that I was inspired to introduce this as the opening music to Life Without Labels.

Above all, if we allow it, our memories can be our greatest gift where healing or remedies are concerned.