Meaning: leaves oneself feeling humiliated

How easy it is to let this type of abuse cause so much harm. To the abuser it is creating self harm and to the receiver it is creating unrelenting anxieties that can be humiliating and debilitating. No one likes to be spoken to badly and neither is there is ever a good reason to do so. Remember there is always going to be a key to an alternative doorway, regardless to the situation. Your mind will be set in Troubled Mind Sky and your thoughts will be a tangle of very dark clouds in a blue-less sky. If you are the receiver you cannot understand why the abuser is being so apathetic. If you are the giver you are locked up in some internal frustration and rage that has brought on this disturbing attack, in the form of words you know will disturb whoever the abuse is intended for. It is possible this state of mind has been brought on by someone who has done the same to you or by some other deep trauma that is buried deep within your psyche. The important thing to try and remember is that either state can easily be reversed. Regardless of how the abuse is seen, the receiver can learn to adapt his mind and move from Troubled Mind to Flowing Mind and even Peaceful Mind Sky. Likewise the doer can learn to cope with his fears in a similar manner.