Being mindful of all that is possible is the best remedy for any diagnosed condition.

Possibly the main challenge for all of us to contend with, is becoming attached to the label of the condition we have been diagnosed with.

Any label can create an innate fear of being judged and we will often lean upon the label for support. From the mind's eye the view of the fear that is created, manifests itself as an invasive thought varying in intensity, pending the severity of the condition. The challenge for many of us is that such fears we dwell upon and thus can thwart us from reaching our goals.

The Life without Labels ethos is to view labels as an illustration of a particular condition, as opposed to being misleading and confusing. Hence if a label can illustrate a condition, without manifesting into something other than its original purpose, then that label is worthy. However, if this is not the case then it is best to be labeless. At life without labels we do our best to disseminate labels through the clutter of references attributed to the labels of all sorts of conditions such as, mental disorders, phobia's etc and illustrate a clear pathway through it to a life full of rewarding clarity.

At Life without Labels there is a great deal of emphasis given to Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Autism and related disorders. Attempting to clarify a label attached to this immense group of conditions is no easy task. There is nothing wrong with being diagnosed with an ASD or Autism, so long as one has done enough investigation to pin point more or less what the condition is and any label attached will illustrate this.

The same can be said for most labelled diagnosis. The problem lies with there being an abundance of incorrectly labelled labels. Thus we see a social problem where many people become attached to a label.

History books tell us that some of the brightest people on this planet have been diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers Syndrome. If a cure was found tomorrow for anyone diagnosed with a condition that fell within the Autism/Autistic Spectrum Disorder, it would be sad if the cure destroyed the creativeness inherent in them. On the other hand, if a cure could be found that focused on the hurdles, obstacles and disabilities that the diagnosis created, then we are talking about a totally different matter that would indeed be a miracle. Life without labels maybe the miracle for those afflicted with ASD and any labelled condition.

Mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological or behavioural pattern that occurs in an individual and is thought to cause distress or disability that is not expected as part of normal development or culture. The recognition and understanding of mental disorders has changed over time and across cultures. Definitions, assessments, and classifications of mental disorders can vary, but the guideline criteria listed in the ICD (International Classification of Diseases published by WHO, The World Health Organisation) , DSM (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is published by the The American Psychiatric Association and other manuals are widely accepted by mental health professionals. Categories of diagnoses in these schemes may include many other categories. In many cases there is no single accepted or consistent cause of mental disorders, although they are often explained in terms of a diathesis-stress model and bio-psychosocial model. Mental disorders have been found to be common, with over a third of people in most countries reporting sufficient criteria at some point in their life. Mental health services may be based in hospitals or in the community. Mental health professionals diagnose individuals using different methodologies, often relying on case history and interview. Psychotherapy and psychiatric medication are two major treatment options, as well as supportive interventions. Treatment may be involuntary where legislation allows. Several movements have campaigned for changes to mental health services and attitudes, including the Consumer/Survivor Movement. There are widespread problems with stigma and discrimination.

A phobia is an excessive enduring fear of objects or situations that interferes with a person's normal life. Although they know their fear is irrational, people with phobias always try to avoid the source of their fear. Common phobias include fear of heights (acrophobia), fear of enclosed places (claustrophobia), fear of insects, snakes, or other animals, and fear of air travel.

Panic attacks are intense, overpowering surges of fear. Some people experience panic attacks as periods of quickly escalating intense fear and discomfort, accompanied by such physical symptoms as rapid heartbeat, trembling, shortness of breath, dizziness, and nausea. Because people with this extreme form of fear cannot predict when these attacks will strike, they worry about having more panic attacks and may limit their activities outside the home. Being mindful of what is possible is the best remedy for any diagnosed condition.

A diagnosis of any condition normally finds us becoming attached to the label we have been diagnosed with.

Because of the label we develop an innate fear of being judged and will lean upon the label for guidance. The fear manifests itself as invasive thoughts, varying in intensity, pending the severity of our condition that often will prevent us from reaching our goals.

Another problem associated with labels is there are almost countless labels associated, just to name a few Dissociative disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, developmental disorders, personality disorders. My invitation to you is to understand that Disorders are just very persistent invasive thoughts that appear to have taken over a region of the brain in creating the supposed disorder you have been labelled with. At LWL it is possible by following my invitation to have a better understanding of how these disorders may affect you and how just by awareness and acceptance to possibilities will create the life you would prefer to live. The following list of disorders is by no means complete or is it meant to be. It is just here because it may relate to other Labels seen here at Life without Labels.


Anxiety, Dissociative, Developmental, Eating Mood and Personality Disorders: These are often found prevalent in those afflicted with ADHD, although there are probably other afflictions to which they apply. In all cases the disorder could be either mild or severe.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:
Those afflicted with these disorders with be slipping between Troubled and Dangerous Mind Sky. One of the main challenges is accepting they may see a prominent change sometime in the future and to try to stay clear of negativity. Whether it be the carer, parent or therapist any negativity is likely to be picked up by those who are being treated. Even thought the clouds in their skies are in turmoil, all that is being asked is that they be shown some form of direction and to be mindful that the results will be evident, with the afflicted finding in time, peace of mind and inherent healing. Likewise, the afflicted should know this so they too can be mindful of what is possible and that the future holds hope for them.
Anxiety Disorder:
Everyone gets anxious once in a while but with Anxiety Disorder, your anxiety becomes repetitive and out of control. You may feel helpless and unable to find any alternative to your disorder. But such a disorder is only your mind playing tricks on you by its process of invasive thoughts. In your scenario your mind is constantly acting out its life where there is little blue sky, but more dark and dismal cloud. Try not to be afraid because help is at hand. Have a little faith, then within a short time you may be surprised to find that your sky has become much bluer with plenty of white clouds rolling by.
Autistic Spectrum Disorder:

The symptoms of ASD are very widespread and will differ from person to person. If your diagnosis impairs your ability to; understand and use non-verbal and verbal communication, understand social behaviour which affects your ability to interact with children and adults, think and behave flexibly (which may be shown in restricted, obsessional or repetitive activities), then your mind will most certainly be immersed in a very haphazard sky as seen in Troubled Mind Sky.

very invasive disorder, then predominately you will be in Dangerous Mind Sky and experiencing a chaotic maelstrom in your sky. You may perceive that your mind is not able to come to terms with the laws and rules laid down by society, but having said that I can assure you this is all in your mind. Your mind has the power to adapt under even those most restrictive of conditions. Your journey to freedom may require effort but nothing is impossible is for you. Click here to learn how to reach your freedom.

The symptoms of this disorder are as follows:

  • Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviour as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest;
  • Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeatedly lying, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;
  • Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults;
  • Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others;
  • Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work or honour financial obligations;
  • Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to hurting, mistreating or stealing from another.

Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression:
This is when you experience both highs and lows in your life. One moment you are riding high and you appear to be spending much of your time in Sky 2, where the clouds in your sky are just rolling by. But this for you is just an illusion, a temporary home, for when the clouds close in they appear to take you by force and throw you towards the wall of eternity. When you get to this point in your life you have been thrown into the chaos of Dangerous Mind Sky. Your sky is black and dismal and you long for a way out that can give you eternal happiness, whatever that might be. All that is really happening is your mind is being invaded by really invasive thought. When you thought your sky was blue, it was a fake sky. Thoughts can easily become invasive without too much effort.
Depersonalization Disorder:
Creates periods of detachment from self or surroundings which may be experienced as "unreal", (lacking in control or "outside of" self) while retaining awareness that this is only a feeling and not reality. Depersonalisation Disorder is also a dissociative disorder in which the symptoms of the affected are persistent or recurrent feelings of depersonalization and/or derealization. People with this disorder appear to be going through the motions of life but not experiencing it. They feel as though they are in a movie or in a dream. There may be feelings of being disconnected from one's body; out-of-body experience, a detachment from one's body, environment and difficulty relating oneself to reality. For those that are afflicted it is a rather disturbing affliction and their experience will see themselves in Dangerous Mind Sky, where their only chance of solace is a scenario that doesn't exist.

Nevertheless just a small amount of faith is needed (even if belief is not there). The brain is the miracle of life itself and is both our dream and reality combined. If we have no awareness then we can't be here but that we are breathing and our heart is beating is proof we are very much alive.

You will probably be acting out Dangerous Mind Sky where your sky is fraught with constantly twirling clouds in disharmony with each other. If you can have a little faith and some determination, then when you least expect it, there will be much blue in your sky and you will see yourself become Flowing Mind.

Dissociative Disorders:
Defined as conditions that involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity and/or perception. The hypothesis is that when one or more of these functions are disrupted, it may cause interference with a person's general functioning.
Dissociative Amnesia:
Is a noticeable impairment of recall resulting from emotional trauma.
Dissociative Fugue:
Is a physical desertion of familiar surroundings and an experience of impaired recall of the past. This may lead to confusion about actual identity and the assumption of a new identity.
Dissociative Identity Disorder:
Dissociation is a state of acute mental de-compensation in which certain thoughts, emotions, sensations, and/or memories are compartmentalized, diagnosed mostly in individuals with a history of trauma.
Dissociative Disorders:

Are commonly precipitated by overwhelming stress. This stress may be provoked by seeing or experiencing an accident, a disaster or a traumatic event, including sexual abuse. They can also be seen as a type of damage to the psyche that occurs as a result of a traumatic event. When that trauma leads to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, damage may involve physical changes inside the brain and to brain chemistry, which affect the person's ability to cope with stress.

A traumatic event involves a single experience, or an enduring or repeating event or events that completely overwhelm the individual's ability to cope or integrate the ideas and emotions involved with that experience. The sense of being overwhelmed can be delayed by weeks or years, as the person struggles to cope with the immediate danger. Trauma can be caused by a wide variety of events, but there are a few common aspects. There is frequently a violation of the person's familiar ideas about the world and of their innate rights, putting the person in a state of extreme confusion and insecurity. This is also seen when people or institutions they are involved with and depend upon for survival, infringe or betray the person in some unforeseen way.

Eating disorders:
These are normally caused by an abnormality in your mind. In the real world these don't really exist because it is the mind playing tricks on you. Your mind is making choices that it believes is in your interest but in reality it isn't. Although your scenario is somewhere in the chaos of Dangerous Mind Sky, there is always hope not far away. Try and have a little bit of faith and you might have a wonderful surprise.
Neurological Disorders:
Possibly you have been diagnosed with a condition that falls within this spectrum. You might have been told by a specialist that you will remain in this condition or that your mind may improve but the conundrum for you is the uncertainty. It is quite possible in this scenario that your mind is permanently in Dangerous Mind Sky and at best in Troubled Mind Sky. Either way your sky will be in absolute chaos, where any positive thought is permanently overrun by negative invasive thoughts. The reality is that all you have to do is to speak to your mind and tell it what you want or don't want in your life. You may not believe in it but miracles do happen and the probability is you will become that miracle.
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders:
It is not known why anyone is afflicted with a condition that falls into this category. For most people once they have been diagnosed with a disorder, is acceptance of it. It is often the case that they have never had a correct diagnosis and this can lead to mentally painful misunderstandings; those around them are often not capable of being sympathetic to their needs, which doesn't help them with their situation. From their point of view, their mind is wandering between Troubled and Dangerous Mind Sky. If you fall into this category, your sky will be in absolute chaos, where any positive thought is permanently overrun by negative invasive thoughts. The reality is that all it takes from you is to speak to your mind and tell it what you or don't want in your life. You may not believe in miracles but they do happen and the probability is you will become that miracle.
Panic Disorders and Agoraphobia:

These disorders fall under the same category of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders except there is a subtle difference, certain aspects of your affliction and its consequences terrify you. It is not known why anyone is afflicted with a condition that falls into this category. Most people have to learn they are afflicted, the difficulty always being the acceptance of it. More often is the case they are never diagnosed correctly and this can lead to mentally painful misunderstandings with those around them not capable of being sympathetic to their needs, which doesn't help them with their situation. From their point of view their mind is wandering between Troubled and Dangerous Mind.

If you fall into this category, your sky will be in absolute chaos where any positive thought is permanently overrun by negative invasive thoughts. The reality is that all it takes from you is to speak to your mind and tell it what you want or don't want in your life. You may not believe in miracles but they do happen and the probability is you will become that miracle.

Personality Disorders:

Personality Disorders often referred to as Character Disorders, are a class of mental disorders characterized by rigid and on-going patterns of thought and action and a cognitive belief of living in an innate world of fantasy and illusion. The inflexibility and pervasiveness of this behavioural disorder often creates serious havoc with personal and social intercommunication as well as general functional impairment.

If you recognise this as being your scenario then you are living your life between Troubled and Dangerous Mind Sky. You appear to be living a life of fantasy or illusion, where reality appears to be whatever you are experiencing. You have difficulty in trusting people who want to help you.

Yet by reading these words, you can have some satisfaction in the knowing that your brain has already begun the mending process. When you least expect you will have new feelings that you have never experienced before and your emotions will build your esteem. Just a little faith, even if there is no belief, is all that is necessary. Be mindful of what is possible!

Psychological Trauma:

This may accompany physical trauma or exist independently of it. Typical causes of psychological trauma are sexual abuse, violence, the threat of either, or the witnessing of either, particularly in childhood. Catastrophic events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, war or other mass violence can also cause psychological trauma. Long-term exposure to situations such as extreme poverty or milder forms of abuse, such as verbal abuse, can be traumatic (though verbal abuse can also potentially be traumatic as a single event).

However, different people will react differently to similar events. One person may experience an event as traumatic, while another person would not suffer trauma as a result of the same event. In other words, not all people who experience a potentially traumatic event will actually become psychologically traumatized.

If you suddenly come face to face with a bully, you think you should run or panic, but your mind tells you to stay still and not run. If fear overtakes you however, you will run as fast as you can. Fear describes an emotional reaction to a threatening, imminent danger with a strong desire to escape the situation. People who experience an abnormally high amount of fear often feel overwhelmed, immobilized and unable to make a decision to overcome the threat of danger. They sweat and panic, which sometimes prompts a decision to fight.

Psychotic Disorders:

Some of the characteristics associated with psychotic disorders include delusions, hallucinations, bizarre behaviour, incoherent or disorganized speech, and/or disorganized behaviour. Delusions are described as false, inaccurate beliefs the person holds onto, even when he/she is presented with accurate information. The challenge in our world is that society has chosen this to be one disorder that offers the worst threat to the safety of others. Yet the very foundation of this way of thinking maybe delivered to the afflicted in the form of a very invasive thought; which adds to their own woes of having intolerable invasive thoughts that take them on a journey which they believe, is beyond their control.

To understand the scenario they are living in, one has to try to be concerned with their needs as challenging as it maybe. Society sees them permanently in Dangerous Mind Sky. They experience a quagmire within an unnerving chaotic storm. Their thoughts are forever churning and swirling. There appears to be no end in sight of a means for un-knotting their knotted thoughts.

These people need to know is there is always a solution. The brain does not give up its determination to repair. We as humans may not understand, even with all our intelligence and technology, that the brain with its capabilities of thought and mind may have its own inherent tool kit to enable endless health for self psyche and spirit. The challenge is letting go of these thoughts and feelings and simply accepting that anything is possible. Once this message has been accepted by the afflicted brain, a miraculous healing process has been affected and this should be mankind's first lesson on being mindful of life.

Quality of Life Disorders:

These are anxieties that can relate to anyone who fears they have challenges with their quality of life. The fear can manifest itself in variety of forms, both mental and physical. The affliction causes them to feel frustration as their feelings of helplessness leaves them in a very vulnerable position. This is particularly so when they are dependent upon a carer, nurse, parent, spouse, siblings etc and can cause them to feel shame and humiliation. Their thoughts will be locked in Dangerous Mind Sky where the severity of their afflictions will determine the blackest of skies and a desire for finality may be preferable to being able to breathe. Pain on the other hand can be physically profound but what they don't realise is they are again afflicted by believing that nothing can be done.

It doesn't matter how old we are, our brains are remarkable self healing tools. The challenge lies in the approach to understanding our thoughts with what is possible, rather than focusing on our situation that creates very negative thoughts that undermine the brain's healing mechanisms. This is the key to whatever healing is required. This is what makes the brain the miracle in life and can give us more opportunity for peace of mind, where even physical pain has no place. It is quite possible that just the acceptance of what could be possible, will ensure at some point, that the afflicted person will find solace in knowing they have found a new home in Flowing Mind. Here thoughts have the freedom to gracefully move from one side of their horizon to the other. There are no grey clouds but if any appear they are mindful that they are a temporary illusion and that they can do this unencumbered.

Separation Anxiety Disorder:
This is an affliction that affects people of all ages. There are specific ones relating to children and others to adults. If the disorder is left unsorted as a child it quite often manifests into something more prevalent when an adult. Childhood nightmares, memories of scary events, from goblins to evil wizards, dinosaurs and monsters or creepy crawlies or an attachment to a fictitious character can create most burdensome anxieties affecting all ages. The fear is brought on by either a non-understanding or fixation and creates many physical hurdles, headaches, sleepless nights and a fear of being left on ones own. There are of course the psychosomatic symptoms; the heart palpitations, shaking and sweating and the list goes on almost endlessly. Here the afflicted person is wrapped up in the deepest quagmire of a maelstrom, full of havoc and reckless thoughts. These thoughts not only intertwine but are in constant confusion, forever knotting themselves within the knots. This is the furore of Dangerous Mind Sky. If help is not sought their nightmare maybe endless but it doesn't have to be this way. By making a little effort and being able to trust what their heart is telling them rather than their head, they will see themselves finding the courage to start the healing process inside of their heads. Subtle changes in their feelings may take immediate effect as though a veil has been lifted and they can breathe with more ease. Once these emotions are felt they become installed in the psyche and not too far down the road they will unexpectedly find they have been in Flowing Mind Sky for sometime, where their sky appears to be on fire with clouds of love with them just enjoying their selves.
Shortness of breath, heart palpitation or shaking:
These are symptoms that appear in a variety of disorders rather than just one. Too much time is spent identifying the problem and finding a solution. In your scenario you will be immersed in Troubled Mind or Dangerous Mind Sky where your mind will be in much confusion as the clouds in your sky seem to be too intertwined with themselves to offer you any chance of rational thought. Yet the solution to a reversal of your symptoms is not far away. All that is required from you is a little acceptance and faith even if you don't believe. The mind has unusual ways of healing itself and if you put a little trust in yourself, you might be well rewarded.
Sleep Health:

The adverse effects of sleep disorder can impact all aspects of mental and physical health. For both our body and mind to be working at an optimum level it is necessary for all of us to get adequate hours of sleep each night. Those of us who work at night have to achieve this during the day.

Inadequate hours will set off sleep deprivation, no matter how strong your will power may be. Existing on constant minimal sleep will impact our health and you will find yourself in Troubled Mind Sky. There will be little chance of blue in your sky because constant grey and white cloud formations will be smothering any white clouds that give your mind the chance to be silent and to breathe which is the central essence of sleep. Essentially, sleep is when the brain is best able to focus all of its energy on the healing processes that constantly keep your mind and body in tune. All you have to know is to have a little faith in what is possible and then a good night sleep will in time come.

Social Anxiety Disorder:
This falls under the same category of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders except there is a subtle difference, in that certain aspects of your affliction and its consequences terrify you. It is not known why anyone is afflicted with a condition that falls into this category. For most people they have to learn they are afflicted with the difficulty always being the acceptance of it. More often is the case, they are never diagnosed correctly and this can lead to mentally painful misunderstandings. This is compounded with those around them not capable of being sympathetic to their needs, which doesn't help them with their situation. From their point of view, their mind is wandering between Skies 3 and 4. Either way your sky will be in absolute chaos where any positive thought is permanently overrun by negative invasive thoughts. The reality is that all it takes is for you to speak to your mind and tell it what you do or don't want in your life. You may not believe in miracles but they do happen and the probability is you will become that miracle.

This can also be categorised under disorders. It is generally thought that phobias arise from a combination of external events and internal predispositions. Phobias range from the simplest forms of our fears or anxiety to the most invasive fear or anxiety disorders. There are approximately 530 varieties of phobias. Someone afflicted could be phobic of birds, colours, indoor and outdoor spaces; really virtually anything they can materialise in their minds and make comparisons with in the real world.

Depending on the severity of the phobia, the mind's eye will be either playing out its part in Troubled Mind Sky or totally immersed in Dangerous Mind Sky , where the chances of seeing any form of blue sky again is dependent on the severity of your phobia. Regardless to which sky you are in mindfulness can bring about a brilliant illusion, in that it can easily take you into the realm of Skies Flowing and Peaceful Mind, just by simply understanding that your mind has been invaded by the most persistent of invasive thoughts. When our minds are being invaded by invasive thoughts, they will do their best to make the recipient as uncomfortable as is possible. A simple solution is always close at hand. Be mindful of silence and stillness around you and you may notice your mind taking a peaceful pause in its life. When this moment occurs accept the beauty in it and then anything is possible.

A few examples of phobias:
Being Ridiculed
Dependence on others:
Forgetting or being forgotten
Making decisions
Self, being alone
Self, being dirty
Self, seeing oneself in a mirror
Social phobic or agoraphobia
Fail to Prioritise
Self esteem

A more complete list can be found at http://phobialist.com/reverse.html counts 530 different phobias. It is hard to believe but it is probably information overload that has brought all these phobias into play.